ISTT Young Investigator Award

The ISTT has established the ISTT YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD given at the Transgenic Technology (TT) Meetings.
This award has been supported by Ingenious Targeting Laboratory (2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017) and through an independent medical education grant from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (2019 and 2020)

The ISTT Young Investigator Award recognizes outstanding achievements by a young scientist whose work will advance the field of transgenic technologies with new ideas and who has recently received his or her advanced professional degree.

The ISTT Young Investigator Award for TT2020 was presented to Dr. Hiromi Miura,  an Assistant Professor in the department of Molecular Life Science, Division of Basic Medical Science and Molecular Medicine, Tokai University School of Medicine, Japan. 

Dr. Miura pioneered the use of long single stranded DNA donors for homology directed repair of CRISPR/Cas9 induced chromosome breaks (also known as Easi-CRISPR: efficient additions with ssDNA inserts), pronuclear injection-based targeted transgenesis (PITT), artificial microRNA (amiRNA) expression cassettes for RNAi based gene knockdown, and delivery of gene editing materials in the oviduct: i-GONAD (Genome-editing via Oviductal Nucleic Acids Delivery).



2011: Prof. Xiao-Yang Zhao

2013: Dr. Toru Takeo

2014: Dr. Feng Zhang

2016: Dr. Pablo Ross

2017: Dr. Alexis Komor

2019: Dr. Bin Gu

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees must actively involved in the field of transgenic technologies at the time the award is given.

Nominees must have received a PhD or MD (or equivalent) within the past 10 years.

Nomination Criteria

Nominations must be made or endorsed by an ISTT member.

Nominee does not have to be an ISTT member.

Self nomination is not permitted.

No person may nominate more than one candidate


Nominations must be made or endorsed by an ISTT member and should include:

  • the CV of the nominee,
  • a document highlighting the achievements made by the nominee in the field of transgenic technologies,
  • and a message or document confirming the nominee’s acceptance to participate in the ISTT Young Investigator Award selection process

All documents should be sent by the ISTT Member nominating the candidate to the ISTT email address:

Scientific Committee

An ISTT Young Investigator Award committee will be established at the ISTT in order to select the awardee among nominated candidates. This committee will be formed by at least the following members: the President of ISTT and the Vice-President of ISTT. Additional advice and external referees might be also contacted, if decided by the ISTT Board of Directors

 The ISTT Young Investigator Award

The ISTT Young Investigator Award provides funds to defray the costs related to the participation of the ISTT Young Investigator awardee at the corresponding TT Meeting, including: TT meeting registration fee, travel to the TT meeting venue and accommodation during the meeting dates.

All ISTT Young Investigator awardees will be given a 1 year Ordinary ISTT Membership and a diploma that will be presented at the ISTT Awards Ceremony during the TT Meeting.