Poster Awards


The International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT), with the generous sponsorship of Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. (CRL), has established the ISTT BEST POSTER AWARDS that will be given at the Transgenic Technology (TT) Meetings.


.The ISTT Best Poster Awards recognize outstanding work presented by participants at Transgenic Technology (TT) meetings.  The ISTT Best Poster Awards are generously sponsored by Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. (CRL). Winners of the ISTT Best Poster Awards will be selected from all posters presented at the TT meeting. Poster judges will be appointed by the TT Poster Awards Committee, and may be composed of members of the ISTT Board of Directors, members of the Local Organizing Committee and any other willing ISTT member. The number of Posters to be awarded may vary from TT meeting to TT meeting. In general, the judges will choose the three best posters, and may establish selection categories that better represent the scope of the work presented. The scientific and technical quality of the poster, the novelty of the results, and the appearance of the poster are some of the criteria that will be considered by the judges.


Eligibility Criteria

.All posters accepted and presented at a TT meeting will be eligible for the ISTT Best Poster Awards

TT2019 Poster Award Winners

At TT2019, Kobe Japan, Chris Dowdy (Charles River Labs) presents the poster awards to Hsiang-Hsian Lori Fan, Mitra Cowan and Susan Tamowski. 
The poster awards are generously sponsored by Charles River.

# 32 Intentional somatic mosaicism induced by 2-cell stage injection can circumvent embryonic/perinatal lethality for CRISPR mediated genome modification in mice.
Mitra Cowan
, Jade Desjardins, Janice Penney, Erzsebet Nagy-Kovacs, Nobuko Honma-Yamanaka, Yojiro Yamanaka

#69 Generation of a Cancer Gene Allelic Series in Mice by CRISPR/Cas9 System
Hsiang-Hsian Lori Fan
, I-Shing Yu, Yin-Hung Lin, Shin-Yu Wang, Ying-Hsuan Liaw,Pei-Lung Chen, Tsung-Lin Yang, Shu-Wha Lin, You-Tzung Chen

#17 Comparison of Efficiency of CRISPR targeting: PNI vs ZEN vs GONAD
Susan Jenifer Tamowski
, Kyle O'Connor, He Lan, Wenhua Li, Nicholas Black

Poster Judges (TT2019)
Lynn Doglio                                 Branko Zevnik                   Ernst-Martin Futchbauer
Geraldine Schlapp                        Kathy 
Krentz                    Ana Paula Mulet
Toru Takeo                                  John McLoughlin              Soren Warming


.Next TT meeting

.The next ISTT Poster Awards will be presented at the 16th Transgenic Technology meeting, TT2020, Rehovot, Israel