ISTT Prize

The ISTT has established the ISTT Prize that publicly recognizes an individual for their outstanding contributions to the field of Transgenic Technologies and is awarded at each Transgenic Technology (TT) Meeting. The ISTT Prize Committee is composed of the ISTT President, the ISTT Vice-President, the ISTT Past President and all previous ISTT Prize awardees. ISTT Prize winners receive an honorarium, an Honorary Membership in the ISTT and a unique piece of artwork* that appropriately reflects our technology. The award was made possible through a generous education grant from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

 The ISTT Prize sculpture was designed by Kathleen Childress.

14th ISTT Prize Awardees

Dr. Elizabeth Lacy                 Dr. Frank Costantini

The International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT, Inc.) is delighted to announce that the 14th ISTT Prize will be jointly awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Lacy and Dr. Frank Costantini at TT2022 in Helsinki, Finland. The ISTT Prize is awarded to investigators who have made outstanding contributions to the field of transgenic technologies. The selection of Drs. Lacy and Costantini as the 14th ISTT Prize winners was made by the ISTT Prize Committee, who agreed that the work of Drs. Lacy and Costantini in the field of transgenesis, and their willingness to share techniques were essential for progression of the science of mouse genetic engineering.

Dr. Lacy and Dr. Costantini earned their Ph.D. degrees from the California Institute of Technology in genetics and developmental biology.  They went on together to do postdoctoral work in Christopher Graham’s laboratory at the University of Oxford. In 1981, during their fellowship, they used pronuclear microinjection to produce transgenic mice and demonstrated that transgenes could be transmitted to the offspring of transgenic founders. Subsequent work demonstrated transgene expression in offspring. Their pioneering work contributed greatly to the establishment of transgenic technology as a field of endeavor. Dr. Lacy and Dr. Costantini were generous in sharing their specialized expertise in micromanipulation and co-authored the first edition of Manipulating the Mouse Embryo (also known in the field as “the Mouse Bible”) with Dr. Brigid Hogan (recipient of the Transgenic Technology Prize in 2008). From Oxford, Dr. Lacy moved to the Sloan Kettering Institute and Dr. Costantini moved to Columbia University where they study organogenesis and developmental biology in their respective laboratories.

Elizabeth Lacy’s Laboratory WEB page

Frank Costantini’s Laboratory WEB page

We are pleased that Dr. Lacy and Dr. Costantini have agreed to receive the ISTT Prize at the 17th Transgenic Technology meeting (TT2022) in Helsinki, Finland. They will be joining the previous ISTT Prize Awardees:

2020:  Dr. Alexandra Joyner

2019:  Dr. Lluis Montoliu

2017:  Dr. Mario Capecchi

2014: Dr. Janet Rossant

2013:  Dr. Allan Bradley

2011:  Dr. Ralph Brinster

2010:  Dr. Francis Stewart

2008:  Dr. Brigid Hogan

2007:  Dr. Charles Babinet

2005:  Dr. Andras Nagy

2004:  Dr. Qi Zhou

2002:  Dr. Kenneth McCreath

2001:  Dr. Teru Wakayama

*Prior to 2022, award winners received a unique sculpture of a mouse blastocyst created by the late Hungarian artist Mr. Bela Rozsnyay (1949-2019). The ISTT Prize was supported by genOway from its inception through TT2020.