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The transgenic-list (commonly referred to as the tg-l) was created by Peter Sobieszczuk in July, 1996, to serve the global research community specializing in genetic modifications of experimental laboratory animals. Since then, three academic institutions have played a major role in hosting the tg-l: the IGBMC in Strasbourg, France; the University of Manchester, UK; and the Imperial College in London, UK, where it was last hosted before Peter Sobieszczuk and the ISTT agreed on September 30, 2011, to move it to the ISTT web server. The transfer of the tg-l to the ISTT web server took place on December 21st, 2011. The ISTT would like to acknowledge the excellent work of Peter and his assistants in maintaining the list since its inception for the benefit of everyone who has been a part of this list. The tg-l has proven to be a valuable source of knowledge and advice, helping many newcomers to the field of animal transgenesis, and facilitating the exchange of protocols and experiences among all of its members.

The ISTT, in accordance with its bylaws (Art. 3a. To foster and encourage knowledge generation, discussion, training and education, and the diffusion of the technologies and specific research used for the genetic modification of animals...) is most proud to host the tg-l for the benefit of the entire community of scientists, technicians, students and all others, interested in animal transgenesis.

Included in the tg-l membership are active researchers at all levels, from graduate students to full professors, and the technicians, managers, and directors who operate the transgenic core facilities that are largely responsible for producing the transgenic animals used by those researchers. Major keywords cover a wide spectrum of subject areas: homologous recombination, targeted mutagenesis, inducible expression, ES cells, microinjection, mouse genetics, CRISPR/Cas9 and animal husbandry, to name just a few.

The tg-l is public (anyone may subscribe, including ISTT members and non-members alike, but subject to email address verification), unmoderated (messages will not be altered by the list administrator) and closed (only subscribers may post messages). The tg-l currently has about 1800 subscribers from all over the world, interested in animal transgenesis.


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