ISTT Purpose

The purpose of the International Society for Transgenic Technologies is to:

  • Advance the science and technologies used in the generation and analysis of transgenic animal models for biomedical research and biotechnology application.
  • Support scientific research, education, and training pertinent to the field of animal transgenesis.
  • Provide the organizational framework for a scientific society that includes academic, industry and/or government scientists, students and technical specialists as well as other persons with an interest in the field of animal transgenesis.
  • Provide a communication and knowledge exchange platform that brings together scientists from academia and industry, as well as research technology experts.
  • Organize a periodic international scientific conference entitled the “Transgenic Technology Meeting”.
  • Participate in national and international conferences, seminars and workshops related to animal transgenesis.
  • Publish informational bulletins, abstracts, monographs, books, protocols, and other specialized texts related to the field of animal model transgenesis.
  • Organize and promote courses, seminars and other educational activities to provide training in transgenic animal technologies.
  • Associate with other national and international societies with similar aims.
  • Provide expert information to the general public regarding the benefits associated with the use and application of transgenic technologies in animals.
  • Provide expert advice and guidance to local, national and international bodies regarding scientific, technical, or other aspects of animal transgenesis.