Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of the ISTT?

Registering for the ISTT is very simple. Go to the JOIN/RENEW web page and follow the directions provided.

What is the difference between an ordinary and a corporate ISTT member?

Commercial organizations may appoint one individual to be a Corporate Member. Only one person from any organization may be a corporate member. Other individuals from that organization may apply as Technician/Student or Ordinary members. Corporate members have the same rights and privileges as ordinary or technician/student members of the Society, as per our bylaws.

What are the qualifications for a student/technician ISTT membership?

A Technician Member is someone who is working under the responsibility of another person, and thus is not responsible for a laboratory/service/unit. A student member is pursuing a PhD or other degree. Postdoctoral scientists are not eligible for Technician/Student membership. To register as a Student/Technician member, the registrant’s supervisor must verify this status by e-mail to

What are the qualifications for Emeritus ISTT membership?

Retired or emeritus status membership is available to all former ISTT members who have retired for work and who would like to keep active in our society. ISTT emeritus membership is offered at no charge to retired members. The ISTT expects integrity in any application for this level of membership. The initial application for emeritus membership must be accompanied by a letter from a former supervisor or from another ISTT member verifying that the applicant is retired. Yearly renewal of emeritus membership is required. The initial application for emeritus status will be reviewed & validated by a majority of the board of directors.

How do I prove my student/technician status to apply for student/technician ISTT membership?


Applicants for Technician/Student status must have their supervisor send an e-mail to to confirm his/her status.

If I had registered in the ISTT in August, will my ISTT membership last until next August?

No. ISTT Membership is annually based, from January through December. Therefore, irrespective of the date of registration, all annual memberships will terminate on December 31st. As noted below, we typically open registration for the upcoming year on October 1. We expect that members will have registered by January 31st. We will observe a grace period for renewal through January 31st of the renewal year. However, please note that in order to be eligible for ISTT travel awards and reduced registration fees at ISTT meetings you must have current ISTT Membership.

When can I renew my annual ISTT Membership?

All ISTT Members may renew their ISTT Membership beginning on October 1 (note that members will be notified via the ISTT.list should this date change). On February 1st, non-renewed ISTT Members will have their membership cancelled.

What happens if I fail or forget to renew my ISTT membership before February 1st?

Your ISTT Membership benefits and associated web resources will be cancelled on February 1st.

How can I pay my annual ISTT membership dues?

ISTT accepts payments via credit card, through PayPal, or by Bank Wire Transfers to the ISTT bank account.

I am a member of ISTT and have just changed my job, therefore I would like to update my contact details.  How do I modify my registration data?

You can update your contact information by logging into the members only area of the website and then, under Members, click on "Edit Your Profile".  You can change all of your information in that area.  However, you should also send any new e-mail address to, so that we can update this for the ISTT.list.

I have some questions. How do I contact someone at the ISTT?

You can send a message to the official ISTT email address or use the "contact us" web section and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How do I access the members-only section to see the videos/pictures that are kept inside?

Access to the members-only section is restricted to ISTT Members. You will need a valid user/password combination.

I am a member of ISTT but I forgot/don't know my user/password combination to access the members-only zone

You can request your user ID by contacting our administrator at  Once you have your user ID, please log in and then click "Forgot my password" to get to a password reset screen.

I am a member of ISTT but I forgot/don't know my membership ID number

You can request your membership ID number by emailing our administrator at

How often are the Transgenic Technology (TT) meetings held?

The TT meetings are organized every 18 months, usually in September-October or in February-March of the corresponding year.

When will the next TT meeting be organized?

You can always check on this web site to find out when and where the next TT meeting will be held. TT meetings and other ISTT-sponsored meetings can be found in the Events area.

I would like to host and organize a TT meeting, how shall I proceed?

Only ISTT members are entitled to organize a TT meeting. A member willing to host a TT meeting must have the support of his/her host institution. Please contact us to discuss your meeting proposal and for additional details.

Who can apply for ISTT registration/travel awards to attend a TT meeting?

All ISTT Members are eligible for ISTT registration/awards. The ISTT Awards committee will examine all applications received and present them to the Board of Directors. Registration Awards will be selected according to the documents submitted and with preference given to: 1) Student/Technician ISTT Members 2) ISTT Members submitting an abstract for presentation as a poster/short-oral communication at the TT corresponding meeting 3) Any other ISTT Member.

I am representing a company and we would like to sponsor the ISTT.  What should I do?

The ISTT welcomes all companies in the field of animal experimentation and the genetic modification of animals for sponsorship opportunities. Please, contact us to discuss sponsorship options.

Can I use the videos and pictures made available through the ISTT members-only area of this web site?

The videos and pictures in the members-only area are provided for teaching and learning purposes. All videos and pictures included in the ISTT web site belong to their authors and may not be used in presentations or published materials (including online and print documents) without their consent. You are requested to acknowledge the source of any of these videos or pictures, if used in a presentation, by citing its author/owner and the ISTT website, using the following format: "Picture/Video by [author/owner] provided by the ISTT (".