TT2019 Awarded to Kobe, Japan

15th Transgenic Technology Meeting

Published Thursday, August 17, 2017 10:35 am

The International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) Board of Directors is delighted to announce that the venue for TT2019 will be Kobe, Japan. We invite members and anyone interested in transgenic technologies to join us at this prestigious meeting to hear about the latest science in our field. Kobe, Japan is a city with a rich heritage, located nearby to historic landmarks and natural attractions. The meeting’s dates in April are perfectly timed to enjoy the cherry blossom season that defines Japan’s beauty and appreciation for nature.
The primary hosts for TT2019 will be ISTT members from RIKEN, assisted by colleagues from other Japanese institutions (University of Yamanashi, Kumamoto University, Osaka University, and Tokai University) and supported by the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists and the Japanese Society for Genome Editing. The chair of TT2019 is Dr. Yasuhide Furuta, the Group Director and Team Leader of the Genetic Engineering Team for RIKEN Centers for Life Science Technology (CLST) and Developmental Biology (CDB).
We encourage you to make plans now to attend TT2019 in Kobe and enjoy Japan’s unique customs and culture. As stated in their proposal:
 “Leading-edge science and technology coexists in harmony with traditional culture in Japan. The country is filled with arts, crafts, cuisine and landmarks that reflect both traditional and creative thinking. All this is built upon the Japanese people’s austere character and attention to detail. In today’s society these traits are manifested in, for example, the super-efficient public transportation networks that run like clockwork. The diagonal crossings, where pedestrians seem to walk in all directions at once, offer a stark contrast to the orderly queues of people lining up to board the trains.
Because Kobe is located in Japan’s central region it has easy access to sightseeing spots both western and eastern Japan. So a wide range of excursion programs, including one day trips to UNESCO world heritage sites, are possible. It is in the same region of Japan as Kyoto and Nara.”
The ISTT Board was very impressed with the submission from Kobe, and we anticipate an excellent meeting in a delightful venue. We look forward to seeing you in Japan at TT2019!