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7-10 April, 2019



Transgenic Training Opportunities

Transgenic Certificate courses now available on the AALAS Learning Library (ISTT members were deeply involved with the writing of these courses.)


1) Mouse vs Human Comparative Morphology: Essentials for accurate interpretation of Precision Medicine models.
     Although human and mouse have similar anatomical complexity, in general, the level of morphological knowledge is lower in mice than in men. Nevertheless, an accurate interpretation of Precision Medicine mouse models requires a considerable degree of knowledge in mouse anatomy, histology, and imaging, as well as their comparison with human.
     The course consists of two modules:  1)anatomy and imaging -- held in Barcelona (18th-23th June 2018) and, 2)  histology -- taught in Prague (3th-6th September 2018). Depending on interest, participants can attend the modules independently.  Lectures will be followed by practical sessions in which participants will dissect the different organs of the mouse body and work with bone and dissected specimens, radiographs, and images from TEM, micro-CT and MRI, both from mouse and human. For histological practical sessions participants will perform a complete mouse necropsy (take tissue samples, fix and process them, and perform a routine Hematoxilin & Eosin stain on paraffin sections). Virtual slides will be interpreted at the end of each histological lecture.

The Anatomy and Imaging Module will be held in Barcelona (18-23 June 2018). Deadline for application is 31 May 2018.
Applications should be sent to:

The Histology Module will be taught in Prague (03-06 September 2018). Deadline for application is 31 July 2018.
Applications should be sent to:

Depending on their interest, participants can attend the two modules independently.

TUITION FEE: 550 € for each module


2) Mouse Embryo and Spermatozoa Cryopreservation Course @ MRC Harwell / UK

 The MRC-Harwell Institute, Oxfordshire, UK will host a mouse IVF and cryopreservation training course on 3-6 September, 2018.
This is a hands on-course that will cover sperm harvesting, sperm freezing, IVF techniques, embryo vitrification and a demonstration of surgical and non-surgical embryo transfer techniques.
Six applicants will be selected for the course.

TUITION FEE: £1000/person. Applicants are also asked to pay their own transport and accommodation costs (although we will be happy to offer guidance).

For further information or to apply for the course, please contact:

3) Transgenic Technology Training Course @ MRC Harwell / UK

A practical training course in transgenic technology
This course is aimed at newcomers to the transgenic field or those looking to brush up their skills.  Participants will have practical hands on experience in a technique that will enable them to generate their own mutant mouse models using CRISPR-Cas9 reagents.
Participants will have 121 training in embryo harvesting, sorting, set up and operation of their microinjection rig and introducing CRISPR-Cas9 reagents to the embryo using a cytoplasmic injection technique.  In addition there will be a demonstration of surgical embryo transfer using a surgical assistant to help maintain the sterile condition.  There will also be the opportunity to meet and discuss specific issues with experts in IVF technology, CRISPR-Cas9 design or mouse colony management; depending on your specific needs.
For further information and to apply please visit:   TransgenicTechnologyTrainingCourse
Or email: