17th Transgenic Technology Meeting will be held in Levi, Finland

Transgenic Certificate courses now available on the AALAS Learning Library (ISTT members were deeply involved with the writing of these courses.)

       MRC-Harwell Institute Transgenic Training Courses: Click HERE for information on our various courses.

 Designing Mouse Models - ISTT Educational Initiatives series

Nov 24, 2021: Session 1: Basics and general principles of designing mouse models including simple knockouts to large knock-ins and conditional alleles.

Dec 8, 2021: Session 2: Discussion of actual examples of mouse model designs including the loci/projects of the workshop participants.

Time: 5 pm Central European Time

Instructor: CB Gurumurthy, Director of Mouse Genome Engineering Core Facility, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE, USA.

Registration:  before November 17th