New Technology

goGermline by Ozgene                 

goGermline is a revolutionary technology to generate knockout and knock-in mice fast and efficiently, while improving animal welfare.  With goGermline, chimeras only transmit the ES cell germline, thereby reducing time and variability to germline transmission of the ES cell targeted allele.  

goGermline  has been patented by Ozgene, published in genesis (Koentgen et al., genesis 54: 326–333, 2016) and awarded the inaugural ISTT 3Rs prize in 2017. goGermline replaces all non-ES cell derived mice, thereby reducing animal numbers, cost and time for researchers and animal facilities. goGermline also significantly refines animal use.

Watch the video below to learn more about goGermline and its benefits to investigators, facilities, and animal welfare or contact Ozgene for more information on goGermline.