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2019 ISTT Membership Dues

January through December
(Includes free online access to Transgenic Research)

Ordinary Member

$95 USD/year

ISTT Membership is annually based, from January through December. Therefore, irrespective of the date of registration within the year, all annual memberships will terminate on December 31st, and renewal will be requested starting next January 1st, until March 31st, of the following year.

Corporate Member

$95 USD/year

Commercial organizations are allowed one Corporate Member. Any other people from a commercial organization should apply as Technician/Student or Ordinary members. Corporate members shall have the same representational capacity as any ordinary or technician/student members of the Society.

Technician/Student Member

$40 USD/year

A Technician/Student Member is someone who is working under the responsibility of another person, and who is not responsible for a laboratory/service/unit, or whois pursuing a PhD or other degree. [Postdoctoral scientists are not eligible for Technician/Student membership.] Applicants for Technician/Student status must complete the PROOF-OF-STATUS form and send to the ISTT. Additionally, we require an email sent to ISTT from the supervisor confirming that they qualify as technician/student members.

Emeritus Member

$0 USD/year

Retired or Emeritus status membership is available to all former ISTT members who have retired for work & would like to keep active within our society. Emeritus membership is offered at no charge to retired members. The ISTT expects integrity in any application for this level of membership. The initial application for the emeritus membership should be accompanied by a letter from a former supervisor stating that the member is indeed retired, or from another ISTT member in good standing who is knowledgeable about the applicant’s work status. Yearly renewal of emeritus membership is required. The initial application for emeritus status will be reviewed & validated by a majority of the board of directors.

Membership Benefits

  • Reduced Registration fee for Transgenic Technology (TT) meetings
  • Access to Talks and Posters from TT meetings
  • Access to videos, pictures, chats, forums, methods
  • ISTT web services including chat room access and real-time online scientific discussions
  • Eligibility for registration/travel awards to attend TT meetings and ISTT co-sponsored events
  • Free online access to Transgenic Research
  • 33% discount on selected Springer books
  • Subscription to the ISTT_list (restricted email list serv)
  • Access to searchable archives of ISTT_list and transgenic-list
  • Membership certificates