Transgenic Technology Training Course

Date: October 16, 2018
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MRC Harwell


A practical training course in transgenic technology
This course is aimed at newcomers to the transgenic field or those looking to brush up their skills.  Participants will have practical hands on experience in a technique that will enable them to generate their own mutant mouse models using Crispr-CAS9 reagents.
Participants will have 121 training in embryo harvesting, sorting, set up and operation of their microinjection rig and introducing Crispr-CAS9 reagents to the embryo using a cytoplasmic injection technique.  In addition there will be a demonstration of surgical embryo transfer using a surgical assistant to help maintain the sterile condition.  There will also be the opportunity to meet and discuss specific issues with experts in IVF technology, Crispr-CAS9 design or mouse colony management; depending on your specific needs.
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