ISTT Releases Statement on 3Rs Principles as They Apply to Transgenic Technologies

Posted by: Jan Parker-Thornburg on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

 ISTT Statement of Principles

Achieving the 3Rs through responsible work with animals

The ISTT is a scientific society whose members are generating and/or studying genetically modified animals and often engaged in assisted reproductive technologies. Although the use of animals is currently unavoidable, we recognize that work is being done to develop alternative non-animal models in keeping with the 3Rs principle of replacement. Our membership is aware of our responsibility towards the animals we use for our work including the expectation that animal use will be reduced and the lifetime experience of experimental animals refined in accordance with the 3Rs principles of humane experimental technique. With this statement, we urge our members and others working with animals to implement a culture of care and commit to the following principles:

  1. To avoid performing unnecessary experimental work with animals by conducting a comprehensive review of existing data, available models and alternative experimental approaches before renewing existing, or commencing novel research projects.
  2. Whenever possible to pre-register studies to enhance transparency and improve reproducibility through good experimental design.
  3. To encourage everybody to make their models available to the scientific community to avoid duplication of existing animal lines.
  4. To share protocols and raw data to promote best practice, improve the reproducibility of studies and avoid unnecessary harm to experimental animals.
  5. To train staff in good colony management and on advances in technology to minimize the use of animals.
  6. To treat the animals in their custody with empathy, allow them to acclimatize to the specific experimental setting and handle them with care to minimize fear and distress.
  7. To ensure that all interventions will be minimally invasive to reduce trauma, and make effective use of anesthesia and analgesia to minimize pain and suffering.


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