Welcome to Edinburgh!

A message from the Organisers:

Thanks very much for your interest in the meeting! TT2014 has proved extremely popular, and despite having sufficient capacity for this to be the biggest TT meeting ever, we have surpassed even that.

Consequently, registration for the meeting has now closed, and the waiting list is also now full.

We are currently investigating all possibilities to increase the meeting capacity to allow as many people as possible from the waiting list to participate in the meeting. And hope to be be in a position to a announce our final decision shortly.

Please continue to check the website for the latest information.

Should you require any more information please don't hesitate to contact us by email at


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is our pleasure to announce that we will be hosting the 12th Transgenic Technology meeting, on behalf of the International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK at the historic Assembly Rooms in the center of Scotland’s capital city on October 6th-8th 2014.

The meeting is hosted by three world-class Scottish research institutes and the University of Edinburgh: the Roslin Institute; the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine and the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research. All three Institutes are world-renowned for producing top quality science at the forefront of biomedical research.

The TT meeting visits the UK for the first time following the previous meetings in Guangzhou, China (2013); Florida, USA (2011); Berlin, Germany (2010); Toronto, Canada (2008); Brisbane, Australia (2007) and Barcelona, Spain (2005).  This will be the 12th meeting in the series, originally pioneered by Johannes Wilbertz (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden) in 1999. Since the foundation of the ISTT in 2006, the TT meetings have been the main event sponsored by the Society.

We welcome all attendees who are involved in research programs involving the generation of genetically-modified animals or who are involved in the characterisation and phenotyping of transgenic animals. The program should be of interest to scientists, group leaders, postdoctoral researchers, facility managers, technicians and PhD students working directly or indirectly with genetically-modified animals. We invite you to participate and contribute to this conference where we will discuss the latest technology developments, the newest applications and strategies in biology, biomedicine and biotechnology, using transgenic animals. Companies and institutions with an interest in this field are kindly invited to participate and share their latest technologies.

Immediately following the meeting, on October 9th-10th, 2014, we will be hosting a workshop which for the first time is focusing on zebrafish. The zebrafish is an increasingly important model organism for developmental and disease-oriented research, and recent technical developments (TALENs, ZFNs) will further broaden the impact of this increasingly powerful model in biomedical science.  We will organise a two-day hands-on workshop that will cover basic zebrafish husbandry as well as a variety of transgenic techniques.

Scotland continues to be at the forefront of transgenic and stem cell research and has a thriving scientific community working on a wide variety of research topics in this area. The University of Edinburgh has long been central in the scientific life of the United Kingdom and beyond. The University was founded in 1583, and through alumni like Charles Darwin, James Maxwell, David Hume and Thomas Bayes it became an intellectual center during the enlightenment. But also in the more recent past as well as the present scientific greats from different disciplines, from Peter Higgs to Ian Wilmut, have performed their ground-breaking work in the Scottish capital.

The meeting will be held in the Assembly Rooms, located in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic city center.  Since opening in 1787 the venue has played host to a wide range of many distinguished guests and historical events.  From royal banquets to Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows, and from ceilidhs to readings by Dickens, Scott and Thackeray, not only has this beautiful 18th century building survived the centuries, but its purpose continues to this day.

Edinburgh, Scotland’s inspiring capital city, is one of the most beautiful citites in Europe where stunning cultural heritage fuses with the best of modern dynamic city life. Edinburgh's compact city center makes it an ideal city for strolling around. With Edinburgh Castle as your compass, you will find many of the city's conference facilities within walking distance of the principal hotels. Venues in the surrounding area are quickly and easily accessible.

Scotland prides itself on both its life science research and the warm welcome given to visitors and looks forward to hosting TT2014.

On behalf of the TT2014 Organising Committee we invite you to attend to the TT2014 meeting.

See you all in Edinburgh!

Douglas Strathdee

Chair of the TT2014 Organising Committee

  Peter Hohenstein

Co-Chair of the TT2014 Organising Committee

  Bruce Whitelaw

Co-Chair of the TT2014 Organising Committee

  Lluis Montoliu

President of the ISTT                       


TT2014 Secretariat

c/o In Conference Ltd

Unit 1, Q Court
Quality Street
Edinburgh, EH4 5BP
Scotland, UK

Tel: +44 (0)131 336 4203      





Abstract submission deadline June 30, 2014
Application for ISTT registration awards June 30, 2014
Awards to be communicated by July 15, 2014
Early Bird registration fee deadline July 31, 2014
Standard Rate registration fee from August 1, 2014
Late & On-site Rate registration fee from September 22, 2014


Organising Committee

Colin Henderson (Dundee, UK)
Peter Hohenstein (Edinburgh, UK)
Ian Jackson (Edinburgh, UK)
Boris Jerchow (ISTT, Berlin, Germany)
Liangping Li (Guangzhou, China)
Lluis Montoliu (ISTT, Madrid, Spain)
Jan Parker-Thornburg (ISTT, Houston, TX, USA)
Liz Patton (Edinburgh, UK)
Matthew Sharp (Edinburgh, UK)
Aimee Stablewski (ISTT, Buffalo, NY, USA)
Douglas Strathdee (Glasgow, UK), Chair
Bruce Whitelaw (Edinburgh, UK)
Elizabeth Williams (ISTT, Brisbane, Australia)

ISTT administration: Alison Cameron
TT2014 Meeting Organisation and Technical Secretariat: In Conference Ltd
TT2014 Meeting official email address: tt2014@transtechsociety.org


Scientific Advisory Committee

Robert Braun (The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, USA)
Steve Brown (Mammalian Genetics Unit , Harwell, Oxford, UK)
James Bussell (Sanger Institute, Cambridge UK)
Robert Kelsh (University of Bath, UK)
Boris Jerchow (Max Delbrück Center, Berlin, Germany)
Ning Li (China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
Lluis Montoliu (CNB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain) Chair
Helen Sang (Roslin Institute, Edinburgh UK)
Aimee Stablewski (Roswell Park Cancer Inst., Buffalo, NY, USA)
Jan Parker-Thornburg (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA)
Elizabeth Williams (TASQ, Univ. Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia)