TT2017 - 1-4 October 2017 - Salt Lake City, Utah USA
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TT2017 - 1-4 October 2017 - Salt Lake City, Utah USA
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Research The ISTT is involved in all levels of transgenic research in animals, from the animal technician to the senior scientist. This link will take you to our research page that includes relevant publications, CRISPR/Cas9 resources and news pertaining to transgenic technology. Training The ISTT sponsors meetings, workshops and training courses in transgenic technology. One of our most popular offerings is the Transgenic Technology (TT) meeting. To see the latest offerings, and to see how to apply for ISTT sponsorship of your training opportunity, please click here. Sponsor The ISTT is very grateful to our generous sponsors who provide us with support to continue our work. ISTT sponsors offer valuable goods and services necessary for transgenic technologies. The resources provided to the ISTT allow us to host the TT meetings, provide awards for our members, and assist with website support. Please visit our sponsorsí page.
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The new and accelerating technical development of the CRISPR/Cas9 system opens up for the possibility of targeted genetic modifications in germline competent human embryos. This is an avenue, which until very recently has been regarded as absolutely off limits. To cross the border between genetic modifications of somatic cells and germline cells was simply not conceivable, at least in most Western countries. Indeed, the border has not yet been crossed, but we are getting closer.

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Mario Capecchi, Nobel Laureate, to be awarded the ISTT Prize at TT2017

Published Friday, November 4, 2016

The International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT, Inc.) is delighted to announce that the 11th ISTT Prize will be awarded to Dr. Mario Capecchi for his seminal work on homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2007.  The ISTT Prize is awarded to investigators who have made outstanding contributions to the field of transgenic technologies. 

Remembering Laura Pozzi

Published Monday, October 3, 2016

August 7th 2016, Laura Pozzi, a pioneer of transgenesis in Italy, passes away at the age of 80. Dr. Pozzi was an associate professor at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome.  During the 1980's, she was among the first researchers in Italy to set up a laboratory for the generation of transgenic mice, often with minimal equipment and at her own expense.


The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi

Published Monday, October 3, 2016

On 3 October, 2016, Prof. Thomas Perlmann, the Secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine announced that the 2016 Nobel Prize would be awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi for “his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy”. 

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